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Felt Alpaca Shoe Inserts

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Always have cold feet? An easy solution to a nuance problem is to simply add an additional  layer of comfort and warmth with 100% felted alpaca fiber shoe inserts. Especially nice to have in shoes with very little insulation in the first place, such as leather boots and shoes. You receive an generous sized oval that can then be trimmed down to your exact fit.

We recommend taking an insole from a pair of shoes you already own and placing on top of one of the felted ovals. Then using a pair of scissors, cut around the felt to ensure a perfect fit. If you find the insoles slip a little, you can use a few pieces of double stick tape on the underside or a few lines of hot glue that you have let dry to keep them in place.

*Inserts might make it feel as if your shoes are very snug when wearing for the first time. After a few times wearing, your feet will compress the fiber for the perfect fit!*