Schedule A Tour

Interested in visiting the alpacas? We would love to have you! We are available for tours 8am - 4pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday - Saturday. You must schedule a tour ahead of time, we do not have the ability at this time to accommodate drop-ins. To schedule a tour please click here and follow the prompts. Tours are free.

Please understand and respect that we are not a business in educating others in raising or owning alpacas or llamas, nor are we in the business of selling our alpacas. Our tours and business is dedicated to the furtherance of the alpaca industry through education of the sustainable products they provide.

 If you are interested in owning Alpacas please contact The Alpacas Owners Association for assistance. Phone: (402) 437-8484

**We are unavailable for tours Wednesdays and Sundays**

Here are a few quick things to note before your tour:

1) We are a working ranch, so there is not much pavement and there's plenty of dirt. 

2) We recommend not wearing open toed shoes. There is not much walking, but do reference point #1. We also encourage dressing for the weather. Most tours take place when it can get very warm. Hat's, sunglasses, etc. are encouraged!

3) Do not bring any animals with you. We have our own pets and do not want to risk injury to them or the alpacas. 

4) From Craig, it takes approximately 20 minutes, and about 1 hour from Steamboat. Please plan accordingly so you can arrive on time for your scheduled tour. 

5) Plan on staying anywhere from 30 minutes to 1+ hour. We will not have any restrooms available, so please plan accordingly. 

6) Photos and videos of the animals is highly encouraged (We love seeing your pictures! Make sure to tag us @living_water_fibers on social media!), but any photos or videos must be FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY (i.e. you may not use photos taken on the property to sell for any type of profit as privacy laws dictate without prior written as consent from John or Laura Ilko).

7) All products listed on our website are available for purchase at the ranch. We suggest looking through the website before your tour. We accept cash, check and cards.