Colca Canyon Alpaca Ruana
Colca Canyon Alpaca Ruana
Colca Canyon Alpaca Ruana

Colca Canyon Alpaca Ruana

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If you have never tried on a ruana before, you are in for a treat! A ruana is very similar to a poncho, a cape, or a shawl. They provide amazing warmth while being very fashionable. 

A ruana has a very similar construction to a poncho, but with one major difference. A slit in the front allows you to wrap it around you. Think of a wearable blanket...only much more stylish than one you would find in your neighborhood box store. This is something you will want to show to everyone!

These extremely versatile garments can be worn with anything. Dress them up, dress them down, wear them over a dress with a belt, or add to a pair of jeans. Your options are limitless! They are a fantastic item to have in your cloest year round to add an extra bit of warmth whenever you might need it. 

Our customers tell us they love bringing them to restaurants and movie theaters especially, to help combat the nip of air conditioning in the summer months. They are also great to wear in the fall and summer months when it's not quite cold enough for a coat, but when you need just a little bit more warmth. 

The Colca Canyon Alpaca Ruana Ruana is a subtle fashion statement in its own right. Tones of rich black, gray, and ivory alternate between knit and brushed boucle panels.

Materials: 50% Alpaca 50% Acrylic

Care: Hand wash, lay flat to dry. Dry clean optional.